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The Products menu with the links to Product Search and SAW Components Lineup offers all technical product information for the product spectrum including sample kits and tools. Newsroom includes all product news and technical and application articles. 

Product Search

The search engines enable you to find the suitable component from the comprehensive product range. Depending on the type of search you choose, you'll get different screens in order to specify parameters or enter a product type designation. The search results always include the most important technical parameters for the product, the ordering code and a hyperlink to the appropriate data sheet. Inventory Check allows looking at the stock of RF360 products available in the distribution network.

Standardized Notation for Ordering Codes

In technical product information RF360 ordering codes are being changed to a 15-digit standardized format. Online the changes have already been made. Zeroes are being used after the letter to obtain the required number of digits. Technical product information (PDF files) will successively be adapted to the new notation. Technical product specifications will not be affected. Please follow this link if you need details about ordering codes of RF360 products.

Search by Technical Parameter

After selecting the product group, you can specify your requirements by selecting different product parameters important for your application. You can reduce the amount of hits shown by choosing more parameters. Each selection triggers off a search automatically in order to update the contents of the drop-down lists. Click SHOW RESULTS  to view the details of your search results.
Click RESET SEARCH CRITERIA to reset all search parameters.

Search by Ordering Code

If you already know the complete RF360 part number or at least a part of it, this type of search will be the fastest way to find technical product data. Using wildcards (*, ?) is permitted, e.g. B39* or ?39* etc. .

This search includes information on withdrawn products.

Search Result

The search result offers details for the products found including the link to the corresponding data sheet. By clicking on a column header you can sort the search result in ascending or descending order. The orange triangle indicates the sorting order and the column chosen.


Download Data Sheets

Data sheets can be downloaded in one operation as zip-file. Please mark the data sheets with the check box in the first column. Click DOWNLOAD at the end of the list to create the zip-file. Then you will be asked to save the zip to your harddisk.


Export Search Result

The EXPORT function allows to save the data of all products in your search result in MS Excel format for further processing.


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