Environmental Protection

Our Environment, Health, Safety and Energy Policy

Qualcomm is committed to purposeful innovation, passionate execution, and a collaborative community that are accomplished with utmost integrity. We embrace these values by committing to conduct our operations and activities in a manner that provides and maintains safe, healthful, and productive working conditions, protects the environment and the communities in which we work, and conserves natural resources. We commit to work together to fulfill relevant and applicable legal and other requirements, and to continually improve our Environmental, Health, Safety and Energy (EHSEn) performance.
Our commitment to Environment, Health, Safety and Energy (EHSEn) requires this policy be made available to interested parties, and calls on employees and others doing work under the control of Qualcomm to:

  • Proactively manage workplace risk to create and maintain a safe and healthful workplace, to prevent work-related injury and ill health through appropriate consultation of and participation from employees, and to protect the environment and communities in which we live and work.
  • Minimize our environmental footprint by preventing pollution, reducing our consumption of resources, and consuming and disposing of materials in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • Continually improve our established EHSEn management systems to maintain compliance with applicable legal and other requirements, monitor and improve EHSEn performance, eliminate hazards and risks, and incorporate industry best practices.
  • Seek innovative and practical ways to improve the energy efficiency of our products, and our operations, as well as during the design of new, changed or renovated facilities, equipment, systems and energy using processes. This extends to sourcing of energy efficient products and services.
  • Inspire employees to engage proactively in EHSEn initiatives in the workplace and beyond.

  • Provide the requisite information and, where appropriate, other resources necessary to achieve EHSEn objectives.

ISO, ISO/TS IATF Certificates


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